Our Services


  • Audit electric, gas, and steam bills
  • Obtain re-rendered bills when errors in billing occur
  • Calculate building increases in cost due to change in electric rates
  • Survey and calculate Public Light and Power costs
  • Advise the owners on conservation measures, energy efficient LED lighting
  • Provide assistance in benchmarking in compliance with NYC Local Law 84, 87 
  • Submit a monthly statement showing the following: current month's  cost and profit compared to the last year's cost and profit, monthly accumulated totals of the consumption and cost of Public Light and Power. Submit an annual report summarizing the profit or loss from redistributing electricity
  • Calculate overtime HVAC rates
  • Act as the utility rate consultant for the Landlord on matters pertaining to the redistribution of electricity
  • Contact with any tenants that may wish an explanation of electric surveys or submeter billing calculation
  • Work with renting agents and /or attorneys in preparing the wording of lease clauses on the redistribution of electricity
  • Work with energy experts to place buildings with the best ESCO deals
  • Heating Oil to Natural Gas conversion


  • Survey equipment for new tenants and existing tenants installing additional equipment, tenants renewing their lease and any tenants the Landlord may request, and establish the monthly electric charge in accordance with the terms of the lease
  • Compute the percent of increase or decrease in the building electric cost each quarter resulting from changes in the Con Edison rates or market supply adjustment

  • Resurveying as a "third party"


  • Read electric, steam, water submeters each month and prepare the bills in accordance with the terms of the lease
  • Meter reading check and monitoring
  • Retroactive billing
  • Reading / billing data exports
  • Prepare Sales Tax Forms on submetered electric
  • Annualized cost per square foot reporting, outlier investigation
  • Remote reading and monitoring